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About the Department

Departmental Profile – Statistics Department

Year of establishment: 1978

The graduate department of Statistics started functioning since 1978 with Shri. G. P. Sathaye as the Head of the department. Under the guidance of Shri G. P. Sathaye followed by Dr. (Mrs.) S. P. Barpande, Shri. A. M. Deshpande, Smt. Snehal Bhagwat and at present by Shri. Sanjay Karande.

The department is flourishing and growing. The department is still considered to be one of the best Statistics departments in University of Mumbai. Its curricula include widely used topics in the industry. The students of the department have been consistently doing well in securing places in University of Mumbai for completing their M. Sc. in Statistics, who immediately get absorbed in various industries.

About the Subject

The department today undertakes the curriculum of University of Mumbai that comprises of

2 papers  at F.Y.B.Sc Level

3 papers  at S.Y.B.Sc Level

4 papers  at T.Y.B.Sc Level & Operation Research as applied component.

In accordance with syllabus of University of Mumbai the elective papers offered are Descriptive Statistics, Statistical Methods, Probability Distributions, Sampling Theory, ANOVA, DOE, Operations Research, Estimation theory, Biostatistics, R-Software, Actuarial Statistics.

Statistics is the discipline comprises of collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. Being an universal tool of inductive inference it has wide spread applications in natural and social sciences. Statistical techniques help to develop realistic models for quantifying natural and systematic processes related to human life. We use Statistics effectively for monitoring, controlling and predicting various systems. The undergraduate Statistics course of University of Mumbai covers all essential subtopics of Descriptive and Inferential statistics which will be helpful in perusing post graduate courses as well as in doing research. Statistics deals with every aspect of data, including the planning of data collection in terms of the design of surveys and experiments.

Shri. Sanjay Karande

Sanjay Karande is working as an assistant professor in Statistics in this institute since 2013.

He has completed BSc and MSc in Statistics From Mumbai University.

He has 8 years of teaching experience.

His area of Interest :
Statistical inference, Sampling Theory, Stochastic Process, Survival Analysis.

Currently he is pursuing PhD.

Courses Taught :
Undergraduate :  Bio-Statistics, Stochastic Processes, Game Theory, Decision Theory, Probability,
Sampling Theory, Design of Experiments, Queueing theory, Regression using R software, Estimation and Tesing of Hypothesis.

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Ms. Vasanti Todakar
Assistant Professor

Designation: Assistant Professor (Since 2019)

Qualification: M.Sc. SET (2015), Six sigma Green Belt (2015)

Classes Taught: Taught Statistics to undergraduate -FYBSC, SYBSC, TYBSC, FYBMS, FYBBI, BCS, SYBA, SME-eLearning (Quantitative Techniques), Conducted workshop on Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement, 5S, FMEA

Subjects Taught: Quantitative Techniques, Sampling Theory, Biostatistics, Operations Research techniques, Descriptive Statistics, Design of Experiments

Total Experience: 10 Years (Since Jun’2009)

Pursuing Ph.D. from Shivaji University Kolhapur (Reg. 2018).

Interest Area: DOE, Sampling Theory, Operations Research, Statistical Inference, Six Sigma Process Improvement, Lean Kaizen, 5S, FMEA

Attended workshop on R software conducted by IIT Bombay.

Attended workshop on e-content development and IPR conducted by Govt. of Maharashtra and White code.

Attended workshop on ‘Research Methods and Techniques’ by University of Mumbai and RADAV college

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Ms. Punav Save
Assistant Professor


Designation: Assistant Professor since 2019

Qualification: M.Sc. in Statistics from University of Mumbai

Classes Taught: Taught Statistics to F.Y.B.Sc., S.Y.B.Sc. And T.Y.B.Sc.

Subject Taught: Probability and Distribution theory, Operation Research, Acturial Science,

                             Regression Analysis using R software, Analysis of variance and design of experiments,        

                            Descriptive Statistics

Total experience: 2 years (since July 2019)

Interest area: Operation Research, Distribution theory, DOE, Statistical inference


Attended 10 days’ course on R software conducted by Somaiya College.

Attended workshop on “Skill development for online teaching” conducted by Bhavan’s College.

Attended FDP on Evaluation from offline to online teaching conducted by Satish Pradhan Dyanasadhana College

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Ms. Poonam Kadam
Assistant Professor

Name:Miss. Poonam Kadam

Designation:Assistant Professor since December 2020

Qualification:M.Sc in Statistics from University of Mumbai

Classes Taught:Taught statistics to F.Y.B.Sc  and T.Y.B.Sc

Subject Taught:Acturial Science,Statistical methods-II,Financial mathematics.

Interest Area:Acturial Science,Probability and Distribution theory,Statistical Inference

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Semester -2
Statistical Methods-2

Practicals based on paper-1 &2

Semester -5
Regression using R

Semester -6
Elements of Actuarial Science