Junior College - Science

Junior College - Science

Compulsory Subjects

  • English
  • Marathi / Hindi / Sanskrit / French/German ( choose any 1)
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics & Statistics / Psychology (choose any 1) - (Psychology as per merit and availability of the seats.)
  • Biology
  • Environment education and water security. Compulsory(Graded examination)
  • Health & Physical Education Compulsory (Graded examination)

F.Y.J.C. Science (+2-Vocational): [Bifocal - Vocational]

This college conducts Vocational Courses in Electronics and Computer Science at + 2 Stage. (Electronics: 90 seats, Computer Science: 50 seats.)

In the case of Electronics, the first 50 students on merit (as per rules prescribed by the Government from time to time) will not have to pay any additional fees. The next 40 students will have to pay Rs. 26,220/- per annum as additional fees for this subject.

All students selected for Computer Science will have to pay Rs. 26,220/- as additional fees for this subject. The additional fee is to be paid only when the student is finally selected for these subjects.

All students selected for Electronics & Computer Science need to pay Rs.1,200/- per annum as development Fees and Rs.20/- for vocational fees. Provision for teaching the vocational subjects (i) Electrical Maintenance (EM) (ii) Mechanical Maintenance (MM) (iii) Scooter and Motor Cycle Servicing (SMCS) will be made as per instructions received from the Government.

Students who successfully complete the Bifocal Vocational Courses are eligible for admission to the higher class F.Y.B.Sc. at the university level and also for Engineering.

All Science students desirous of joining Vocational Courses will apply on a separate form available at the time of admission. The list of students selected for the Course will be notified in due course.

Benefits of Bifocal Vocational Courses

The students who want to opt for Engineering can apply for Bifocal Vocational Courses.

Vocational Course includes the following 5 Subjects:

  1. Electronics
  2. Computer Science (C.S.)
  3. Mechanical Maintenance (M.M.)
  4. Electrical Maintenance (E.M.)
  5. Scooter Motor and Cycle Servicing (SMCS)

All the above subjects carry 200 Marks.

After opting for any of the above subjects, one language and one optional subject is exempted.

Benefits of Vocational Courses

  • One of the most and biggest advantage is that the student will get sufficient essential knowledge about the Electronics, Computer Science, E.M., M.M., SMCS around us with which we deal in our daily life.
  • The subject is 100% beneficial for the student of B.E., Polytechnic, B.Sc in future.
  • Whatever may be the branch 40-50% of the syllabus will reappear in the 1st year of Engineering in subjects like physics and electrical technology.
  • As most of the basic concepts are covered, it will be helpful for constructing any module or unit related to electronics for the project in the final year of Engineering or B.Sc.
  • As this subject is not for maintenance and repairing purpose, but students interested in this subjects may be able to detect the faults in the household or general electronics.
  • The syllabus is structured in a way that helps learn about both the aspects - Hardware and Software. It is the first formal education course on Computers and it certainly lays the foundation for the future.
  • The College imparts bifocal vocational courses viz. Computer Science, Electronics. The arrangement of the bifocal vocational courses viz. Electrical Maintenance, Mechanical Maintenance, and Scooter Motor Cycle Servicing are conducted jointly and are held at Govt. Technical High School, Irla, Vile Parle (West).

Subjects to be offered by a student seeking admission to Bifocal-Vocational

  1. Compulsory Subjects:
    1. English
    2. Chemistry
    3. Physics
    4. Mathematics & Statistics
    5. Electronics/Computer Science / EM / MM / SMCS - Paper I and II
    6. Environment Education and Water security. Compulsory(Graded Examination)
    7. Health & Physical Education Compulsory (Graded Examination)

Students of the S.Y.J.C. Class in Science are required to offer the same combination of subjects as offered by them in the F.Y.J.C. class.