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The Drama Association encourages dramatic presentations by students in the form of Street Plays, Mono-acting, Mime, Mimicry, Skits, etc. The Association also hosts the Inter-collegiate Drama competition. Eminent theatre personalities are invited to give lectures on the new trends in theatre. Theatre workshops are conducted in order to explore the possibilities for interdisciplinary linkages between different forms of performing arts.
The Association members are quite passionate about drama and its power to uplift society; they believe in ‘art for society’s sake. The club organizes Stage Plays and Street Plays to throw light on contemporary social problems and suggest possible remedies for the same.


Sathaye college has been instrumental in contributing skilled actors in the film, theater, and television industry. Rasika Joshi, Kadambari Kadam, Ajinkya Dev, Sachin Khedekar, Sunil Shende, Medha Manjrekar, and Madhuri Dixit Nene are just some of the luminaries who have graced the acting world in recent years. ‘Natyaparv’ the theater association of Sathaye college has always been encouraging aspiring actors and providing them with a platform to hone their skills further. The students are also encouraged to participate in developing and honing their skills with regards to aspects of stagecraft, assisting in direction, scripting of scenes etc. The association has had a dream run the academic year 2015-16,2017-2018,2019
winning prizes in every competition they participated in. Following is the list of accomplishments of this year:

University of Mumbai’s 48th Youth Festival (Group Prizes)

  • Marathi One-Act Play: Urban- 1st prize at zonal level & 3rd prize at the final round
  • Hindi One Act Play: Tapish- 1st prize at zonal level & 1st prize at the final round
  • Marathi Skit: Gorya Sahebas Patr- 3rd prize at zonal level & Consolation prize at the final round                                            
  • Hindi Skit: Frame Goes To- 3rd prize at zonal round & Consolation prize at the final round
  • Mime: Knock knock- 3rd place at zonal level

University of Mumbai’s 48th Youth Festival (Individual Prizes)

  • Manasi Prabhulkar- Best actress 1st prize for Hindi one-act play(Tapish)
  • Manasi Prabhulkar- Best actress Consolation prize for Marathi on act play (Urban)
  • Prajakta Naik- Best actress 2nd prize fo Marathi one-act play(Urban)


IPTA Mumbai’s 44th Inter College Drama Competition

  • Best Production- Tapish
  • Best Writer- Hrishikesh Koli
  • Best Director- Hrishikesh Koli
  • Best Actress- Manasi Prabhuklar
  • Merit Actor- Prajakta Naik

Astitva INT Rajya Stariya Hindi Ekanki Spardha 2015

  • Best One-Act Play: Tapish
  • Best Writer (special mention): Hrishikesh Koli- Tapish
  • Best Director: Hrishikesh Koli- Tapish
  • Best Actor 1st prize: Manasi Prabhulkar- Tapish
  • Best Actor 3rd prize: Chaitali Joshi- Tapish
  • Best lights: Bhushan Desai- Tapish
  • Best Set: Mukul Raj- Tapish


Loksatta Lokankika Spardha 2015

  • Marathi One-Act Play (Urban) secured the 3rd prize at the Mumbai finals


Indian National Theater Marathi One-Act Play Competition

  • Best Actor 3rd prize: Shekhar Tiwary- Morcha
  • Best Actor Consolation prize: Manasi Prabhulkar- Morcha


M.L.Dahanukar College’s Kurukshetra 2015

  • Marathi Skit: Gorya Sahebas Patr- 1st prize
  • Hindi Skit: Frame Goes To- prize

Due to the overwhelming response which the plays got at various competitions, a special show of all the three plays; Morcha, Urban and Tapish was held at Dinanath Mangeshkar Natygruha on 30th November 2015 and the show too was a grand success. Thus were the achievements of the theater team this year.

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