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"In the Worlds broad field of battle

In the bivouac of life

Be not like dumb driven cattle

Be a hero in the strife

Lives of great men all remind us

We can make our lives sublime

And departing leave behind us

Footprints in the sands of time

Let us then be up and doing

With a heart for any fate

Still achieving still pursuing

Learn to labour and to wait."


Students of any institution become the future of the country in no time. To turn their minds into a proper channel to awaken in their breasts a right sense of their position dangers duties and responsibilities so that they become confident citizens of the nation is in the hands of the institution. As an integral part of an institution the various Associations and communities that groom the students into responsible aware and confident personalities remain significant.

 The English Literary Association of Sathaye College is based upon the spirit of developing and cultivating the best of the under-developed talents, to polish and refine them so that their personalities sparkle among the rest of human beings and they stand apart in the sea of crowds once they step out of the course from this institution. It is not to be imagined that students will drift into mental excellence without an effort. Deliberately the task must be chosen pursued and persistently must it be followed. There are many minds that are brilliant but in the face of lack of suitable opportunities and platform they get lost in oblivion. The English literary Association offers a platform for such undermined brilliant minds who require a proper space to vent out the energetic literary spirits.

 The English Literary Association plans and organises diverse range of literary activities for students of Sathaye College. Students are encouraged to participate in various events that are organised throughout the academic year. The activities range from debates elocutions and story-telling competitions along with Reading Sessions. Often movies are screened for the students to motivate their spirits and to enhance their knowledge about literary world. 

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