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Degree College Music Association is named as "Aaroha" in 2009.
Aaroh means 'a sequence of swaras in the ascending order of frequencies'.  Throughout the year students participate in various competitions and events and the performance of the students goes on improving in the span of three years. We appoint an expert person in Music to direct and guide students for two important events namely Youth Festival and Annual Day Orchestras. On an annual day along with Hindi Orchestra in the evening, Marathi Orchestra in the morning followed by Folk Orchestra of instruments has been the main attraction for the audience as well as performances.
Events organized by Music Association the academic year 2020-21
Every year our students enthusiastically participate in all the events and competitions, this academic year 2020-21 was no exception for it. Though it was not a regular academic year our music association didn’t break the chain of events, performances, and competitions. Of course not offline but in online mode students tried to give their best and involved in various music activities.
Here are some of these activities:

Motivational Song – Onkar Bhinude - August 2020

Because of COVID 19 pandemic everyone was stuck at home for around 6 to 7 months. Of course, it affected the mental and emotional health of many people. At least till May 2020 people enjoyed staying home and spending time in relaxation but after that, all started losing patience and actually that time was very difficult for everybody. Our students were also not the exception for it and hence we decided to do some activity.
One of the students named Vipul Bhandari wrote one motivational song. Vipul and his brother Om who is also a student of Sathaye College composed music for the song.
All students of the music association came together to make videos of the same. All were at their places and with limited resources, they tried to give their best, and finally our Motivational song “Onkar Bhinude” got ready. 
Work was started in the month of June 2020 and finally we released it on Sathaye’s official youTube channel on 4th August 2020.
Link of the same song is giving here:
Really it was nice experience for students as well as teachers to work in such situation. Students also learnt how to cope up with such difficult situation and not losing hopes.

Youth Festival – August 2020

Every academic year starts with the discussion of youth festival, but this year because of pandemics since June no clue was there regarding youth festival. All students were disappointed as they always have many expectations from youth festival. 
Finally, in the month of August circular regarding youth festival received and all started working enthusiastically. 
This year's theme was making Motivational songs.
The lyrics of the song were given by Mumbai University. Each college had to compose music and make videos.
Six students from the music association and three students from the dance association participated in this video.
Sathaye college received third prize in this competition. Once again students got encouragement and set ready to do such excellent projects in future.

Diwali Sandhya: November 2020

Every year as November starts students and teachers start discussing the annual day. This year till November also lockdown was there, so no question of the annual day. But enthusiastic students always want to do something new.
With this consideration music association planned to do an online music program on the occasion of Diwali. It was named as “Diwali Sandhya”.
Types of songs were the theme, like bhaktigit, bhavgit, chitrapatgit, lavani and few more.
All students prepared song and made video at their places.
We made the premiere of this show on 10th November 2020 at 5.30pm, just one day before Diwali.  
All viewers enjoyed the whole program. Many well wishes we all received and all appreciated efforts made by students. 
Efforts were reflecting in throughout the program including song selection, preparation of students, presentation and everything.
Link of the same program is giving here:

Jashna-e-Gazal – January 2020

This year the music association had decided to do some new activities and, on that basis, we decided to hold a music competition. We organized Intercollegiate Gazal Competition. 
Participants were supposed to submit their video on the given email id before the 26th January 2021. Prof. Deoda Sir from BMM department of Sathaye College got ready to judge the competition videos as he has very good knowledge of music and especially Gazal.
We declared results on 31st January 2021 and informed winners about the same.

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