Rotaract Club Of Sathaye College

About Association

Rotaract Club was founded on 13th March,1968. The first Rotaract Club was the Rotaract Club of North Carolina, Charlotte. Our parent rotary is Rotaract Club of Bombay West. Rotaract club was started in Sathaye College in the year 1989. Rotaract is a club for adults aged 18-30 that plans various activities and also different professional development seminars and management activities which gives experience to the youth. 

The main aim of any Rotaract Club is to serve the community and work for the betterment of the same. There are few constitutional bylaws according to which the club operates and its mandatory to follow the same. There are 11 avenues overall and each avenue works with different productive aims. There is a hierarchy that is followed within each Rotaract Club i.e The core team followed by the Board of  Directors and then the members.

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