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The Department was established in 1971. Ours is one of the exceptional institutions affiliated with Mumbai University where this subject is taught. Ancient Indian Culture major was started in the academic year 2008-09. Department has its own collection of antiquities as an academic toolkit to teach archaeology and museology. Department has a library comprising books related to the subject. Our faculty organizes numerous field visits to various archaeological places as a part of an academic venture.

The Department of Ancient Indian Culture is actively involved in research. We have organized various workshops, seminars and conferences. Buddhist and Pashupata Caves in Mumbai and Shakti in Indian Art, Archaeology, Literature and Philosophy were two proceedings of these academic events which we have published.

Our faculty and students have numerous research papers published in National and International Journals on Indian Art and Archaeology.

The Department of Ancient Indian Culture offers an Under Graduate (BA) Course in the Subject. Department also offers a Certificate Course in Ancient Indian Culture for those who wish to learn the basics of Indian Culture but are unable to join degree course. The department also offers basic and advanced Certificate Coerces in Sanskrit in collaboration with Vishwa Adhyayan Kendra. In Association with the Department of Geography of our college, we offer a course in Tourism and Travel Management, which is an add-on Course of Mumbai University for students.

We are proud to say that our students have bagged various academic prizes in University. Few of our students also have received fellowships as well.

The Department in association with Dnyanprabha Organisation is conducting various courses of Sanskrit and related topics since 2013. Initially, Sanskrit Courses started with the name Research and Innovation center but Dnyanprabha has taken the initiative. We offer Sanskrit Courses named

  • Sanskrit Parichay
  • Sanskrit Pravesh
  • Sanskrit Pravin
  • Sanskrit Kovid 

These courses are hobby courses and started with the aim of popularizing the rich linguistic Indian heritage. These courses can be opted by anybody who has a love for the language. The College in association with Dnyanaprabha also organizes short courses in

1. Sanskrit Sahitya Rasaswada
2. Sanskrit Mahakavye
3. Sanskrit Panch Natake
4. Amarkosh Varga

We also organize various lecture series like Vedavidya - lecture series for understanding Vedic Knowledge, Lecture series on Nirukta, Lecture series on Prachin Dnyanshakha.

About the Subject

The subject of Ancient Indian Culture mainly deals with various aspects of Indian culture. It comprises of the study of Indian Archaeology, Art, Literature, Socio-Economic History of Ancient India, Museology, Conservation and Preservation, Heritage Tourism, Ethno-Archaeology, Development of Sciences in Ancient India, Development of Religious and Philosophical traditions in Ancient India and so on. We deal with tangible as well as intangible heritage and its preservation. We try to explore the roots of Indian Culture.

A large number of alumni of the Department are in Tourism Industry. The Subject also helps to work in the field of Museums, Achieves, Conservation Labs. There are proud ex-students of the Department who are in the noble profession of Teaching. Studies in Ancient Indian Culture opens avenues by creating an academic foundation for further studies in Archaeology, Anthropology, Heritage Management, Heritage Conservation, Tourism and Media.

The Subject helps to understand human history and its evolution in India through ages. It nurtures creative minds to venture into various fields. 


Prof. Dr. Suraj A. Pandit

Prof. Dr. Suraj A. Pandit


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Radha Sabnis

Radha Sabnis


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Courses Available

Certificate Course
  • Ancient Indian Culture
  • Travel and Tourism Management
  • Elements Of Archaeology In India
F.Y.Sem.2 Cultural Heritage of Mumbai
S.Y.Sem.3 India Through Ages
Social Organizations in Ancient India
S.Y.Sem.4 India Through Ages
Economic Institutions in Ancient India
T.Y.Sem-5 Post-Independent Hindi LiteratureEthnoarchaeology
Art & Architecture In Ancient India
The Study Of Protection, Conservation And Preservation Of Indian Monuments And Antiquities
Heritage Tourism
Religious & Philosophical Thoughts In Ancient India
An Introduction & Survey Of Literature In Ancient India
T.Y. Sem-6 Ethnoarchaeology
Art & Architecture In Ancient India
The Study Of Protection, Conservation And Preservation Of Indian Monuments And Antiquities
Heritage Tourism
Religious & Philosophical Thoughts In Ancient India
An Introduction & Survey Of Science & Technology In Ancient India

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