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The Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF) program offered by the Department of Accountancy and Finance at PTVA's Sathaye College (Autonomous) in Vile Parle, Mumbai is a comprehensive three-year undergraduate course. Spanning across six semesters, this program is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in careers that demand a global business perspective.
The BAF program aims to prepare students for professional roles that require a deep understanding of global business practices. It focuses on providing students with the essential skills required to work effectively in internationally operating companies and organizations.
Throughout the program, students have numerous opportunities to apply the theoretical knowledge gained during their studies. By engaging in practical exercises, case studies, and real-world simulations, students can develop a more profound understanding of the common challenges that arise in an international business environment. This approach allows students to bridge the gap between theory and practice, enabling them to make informed decisions and solve complex problems.
The BAF program at PTVA's Sathaye College places significant emphasis on developing a global business awareness among students. Through a combination of specialized courses, workshops, and industry interactions, students gain insights into the complexities and dynamics of the global business landscape. They acquire knowledge about international financial markets, cross-border transactions, and the impact of globalization on business operations.
In addition to technical skills, the BAF program also focuses on the holistic development of students. It nurtures their critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills, enabling them to effectively contribute to organizations in a global context. The program encourages collaborative learning, teamwork, and the development of leadership qualities, ensuring that students are well-prepared to meet the challenges of the business world.
Overall, the BAF program at PTVA's Sathaye College offers a comprehensive educational experience that equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in globally-oriented careers. It provides them with opportunities to apply theoretical concepts, develop a deeper understanding of international business issues, and acquire the competencies required to excel in the dynamic and interconnected global marketplace.


  1. To create for the students of the University of Mumbai an additional avenue of self-employment and also to benefit the industry by providing them with suitably trained persons in the field of Accounting & Finance.
  2. To prepare students to exploit opportunities being newly created in the accounting & finance field.
  3. To provide adequate basic understanding about Accounting & Finance education to the students.
  4. To give adequate exposure to the operational environment in the field of accounting & finance.
  5. To inculcate training & practical approach by using modern technology amongst the students in the field of Accounting & Finance.

Eligibility Criteria

For admission to the BAF Degree course, the candidate should have passed Standard XII Examination conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary education or its equivalent at one and the same sitting or Diploma in any Engineering branch conducted by the Board of Technical Education, Maharashtra state with 2/3 years duration after S.S.C Examination or any examination recognized as equivalent and should have secured not less than 45% marks in case of students belonging to Open Category and not less than 40% marks in case of students belonging to Reserved Category (in one attempt).

Course Syllabus

 Course  Details
 FYBAF SEM I  [Will be updated soon as per NEP 2020]
 FYBAF SEM II  [Will be updated soon as per NEP 2020]
 SYBAF SEM III  Financial Accounting III
 Cost Accounting II
 Information Technology in Accountancy - I
 Taxation - II
 Foundation Course - III
 Business Law - II
 Business Economics
 SYBAF SEM IV  Financial Accounting IV
 Management Accounting
 Information Technology in Accountancy - II
 Taxation - III
 Foundation Course - IV
 Business Law - III
 Research Methodology in Accounting and Finance


Mr. Hilary Gaurea

Mr. Hilary Gaurea Assistant Professor

B.COM (Accountancy), Inter CA, M.Com (Accountancy)

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Mr. Hiraj Sawant

Mr. Hiraj Sawant Assistant Professor

B.M.S. (Finance), M.COM (Accountancy), UGC-NET (Commerce), MH-SET (Commerce)

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Mr. Aniket Gawade

Mr. Aniket Gawade Assistant Professor

BMS (Marketing), MBA (Operations), M.Phil (HRM), M.COM (Banking and Finance)

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Ms. Manjiri Bhosle

Ms. Manjiri Bhosle B.M.S., B.A.F., B.F.M. Coordinator

B.M.S.(Marketing) , M.Com (Management)

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