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The Department of Buddhist Studies was established in the academic year 2013-14. Ours is the only Centre that focuses on the studies in Buddhist Archaeology and Culture.

Department organizes various Seminars, Workshops and Conferences. We had organized Workshops on Indian Buddhist Art and Architecture, Western Indian Rock-Cut Architecture, Nagarjuna to Dharmakirti: Journey of Buddhist Epistemology.

About the Subject

The Master's Course in Buddhist Studies deals with various cultural aspects of Buddhism. The course is about the Historical and Cultural development of Buddhism through the ages.

We teach History of Buddhism in India and East, South East, South and Central Asia, Development of Buddhist Philosophy, Logic and Epistemology, Interaction between Trade and Buddhism, Buddhism in 20th Century, Buddhism in Social Context, Buddhist Art and Architecture, Buddhist Literature, Pali and Buddhist Sanskrit Languages.

Our specialization is Buddhist Art, Architecture and Archaeology.


Prof. Dr. Suraj A. Pandit

Prof. Dr. Suraj A. Pandit


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Courses Available

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F.Y.Sem.2 [Will be updated soon as per NEP 2020] 
Optional Papers I and II
Interaction of trade and religion
S.Y.Sem.3 Core Papers
Later Buddhist philosophy through Literature (Upto Yogacara)
Optional Papers I and II
Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia
S.Y.Sem.4 Core Papers
Resurgence of Buddhism
Buddhist Art and Architecture
Optional Papers I and II
Buddhism in East Asian Culture

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