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Department of Mass Media, Sathaye College was established in 2010.

To fill the gap of industry and academics various expert visiting faculties have been appointed to follow the curriculum for specific subjects like Print Production and Photography, Advertising and Marketing research, Advertising design, Press Laws and ethics, Reporting and editing. Etc.

This course offers 36 subjects divided into six semesters in which students can obtain advertising or journalism as specialization of the third year.  

About the Subject

Department of Mass Media is accountable to follow the syllabus designed by the University of Mumbai. This course offers various 36 subjects divided into six semesters in which students can obtain advertising or journalism as speculation of the third year.  


Mr. Gajendra Deoda

Mr. Gajendra Deoda


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Ms. Rasika R. Sawant

Ms. Rasika R. Sawant

Assistant Professor

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Courses Available

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F.Y.BMM. Sem 1
  • 1) Effective Communication Skills

    2) Fundamentals of Mass Communication

    3) Introduction to Computer

    4) Introduction to 20th century World History

    5) Introduction to Sociology

    6) Economics

F.Y.BMM. Sem 2

1) Effective Communications Skills - II

2) Political Concepts and Indian Political System

3) Principles of Marketing

4) Introduction to Media Psychology

5) Principles of Management

6) Introduction to Literature

S.Y.BMM. Sem 3

1) Introduction to Public Relations

2) Introduction to Media Studies

3) Introduction to Cultural Studies

4) Creative Writing

5) Understanding Cinema

6) Advanced Computer

S.Y.BMM. Sem 4

1) Introduction to Advertising

2) Introduction to Journalism

3) Mass Media Research

4) Organizational Behavior

5) Radio and Television

6) Print Production and Photography

T.Y. BMM. Sem 5


1) Advertising in Contemporary Society

2) Copywriting

3) Advertising Design

4) Consumer Behavior

5) Media Planning and Buying

6) Brand Building

T.Y. BMM. Sem6 


1) Advertising and Marketing Research

2) Legal Environment and Advertising Ethics

3) Financial Management: Marketing and Advertisement

4) Agency Management

5) The Principles and Practice of Direct Marketing

6) Contemporary Issues

T.Y. BMM. Sem 5


1) Reporting

2) Editing

3) Feature and Opinion

4) Journalism and Public Opinion

5) Indian Regional Journalism

6) Newspaper and Magazine Making

T.Y. BMM. Sem6 


1) Press Laws and Ethics

2) Broadcast journalism

3) Niche Journalism

4) Internet and Issues in Global Media

5) News Media Management

6) Contemporary Issues

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