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The Department of History of Sathaye College dates its origin to the inception of Sathaye College in 1959. The Department was headed in its early days, by Stalwarts like Late Dr. Mani Kamerkar (Former President Asiatic Society of Mumbai) and Dr. Daud Dalvi (The Originator of Konkan Itihas Parishad). Ms. Rama A Hiranandani headed the department till July 2005. Mr. Fredrick Sequeira was another Full-time Faculty in the Department till 1997. Ms. Laxmi Salvi headed the department from 2005 to 2014. She was succeeded by Dr. Abhidha Dhumatkar From 10th September 2014 till date.

About the Subject

The History Department of Sathaye College has been offering Six Papers for T.Y. History right from its Inception. At Present it offers following papers.

[Will be updated soon as per NEP 2020] 

Paper 2 :- Landmarks in World History.
Paper 3 :- History of Ancient India (Upto 1000 A.D.)

T.Y.B.A. (Sem - V)
Paper 4 :- History of Delhi Sultanate.
Paper 5 :- The History of Modern India (1857 to 1960)
Paper 6 :- Archaeology and Heritage Tourism
Paper 7 :- The History of Marathas (Royal Period).
Paper 8 :- The History of Contemporary World (1945 to 2000)
Paper 9 :- Research Methodology in Social Sciences.

T.Y.B.A. (Sem - VI)
Paper 4 :- The History of Mughal Rule.
Paper 5 :- The History of Contemporary India.
Paper 6 :- Museology, Archival and Library Sciences.
Paper 7 :- The History of Marathas (Peshwa Period)
Paper 8 :- The History of Contemporary Asia.
Paper 9 :- Research Methodology in Social Sciences.

Till the academic year 2014-15 the Department was offering Option B (History of Mass Media) for Paper 6 and Option B (General Knowledge and Current Affairs) for Paper 9. From the Academic Year 2015-16 the department shifted to Option A (Archaeology and Heritage Tourism & Museology, Archival and Library Sciences) for Paper 6 and Option A (Research Methodology in Social Sciences) for Paper 9.


Following are the Careers in History.

1) If you want to become a teacher in school, you will be required to do B. Ed. History is one of the compulsory subjects in schools, those doing B. A. With 6 papers in History get preference in getting admission for B.Ed.

2) As History students study the art history of Ancient and Medieval India, they can do well in the industry of Travel and Tourism. After training, they can work as tourist guides.

3) History students can have careers in Archeology, Museology and Numismatics. After studying 6 papers in B. A. History, students can do postgraduation in the disciplines. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalay(erstwhile Prince of Wales Museum of Churchgate offers a Postgraduate Diploma(affiliated to Mumbai University) and short term courses in heritage conservation. Museums take such students as curators. There is also business in coins or numismatics. For looking after governmental and private archives, candidates, with M. A. In History with a diploma in Archival Science are employed.

4) U. P. S. C. and M. P. S. C. examinations- A large part of U. P. S. C. and M. P. S. C. Syllabus is from topics in History. Therefore, History is a popular subject with U. P. S. C. and M. P. S. C. Students.

5) Journalism- In order to know the present problems, journalists are required to know history. Thus History is useful while working in media.

6) Law- Graduation in History, helps a lot while learning Law, especially topics like, personal law, law and society, jurisprudence, international Law etc.

7) Research- Historical Research fetches many scholarships and fellowships and research projects as well as financial assistance to collect study material abroad.


Dr. Abhidha Dhumatkar

Dr. Abhidha Dhumatkar H.o.D


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Ms Nikita Chavan

Ms Nikita Chavan

Academic Profile:Degree: Masters of Arts Branch: History  B.A. History-  Sathaye college, Mumbai University (2017) M.A. History- Mumbai University (2019) Completed Certificate course in Modi script arranged by History Department,

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