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  • The Department of Mathematics is one of the oldest Departments in the college. It was established in 1959 and has completed 57 years. Department flourished under the able guidance of Prof . N.H. Phadke, our first head of the department. Dr. (Smt) M.M. Vaidya with her strictness and discipline gave the right path to it. Prof. R.G.Sohoni of our department who was awarded the best teacher award by Govt. of Maharashtra and was also a senate member, worked as the Principal of  Sathaye college for more than 10 years. Prof. S.N. Nadkarni from our department was Vice-Principal of the college. Prof. V.J. Tulpule the next Head of Department also worked as in-charge Principal of the college. Dr. R.M. Pawle who worked as a HOD has joined the University department of Mumbai University as a faculty.

  • Department of Mathematics has courses at the undergraduate level with entire Mathematics for the third year in  Science stream while in Commerce stream Mathematical and Statistical Techniques is taught at the first-year level.   Presently, the department has six faculty members and about 720 students. Faculties encourage and guide students to participate in various intercollegiate competitions. Also, students are given guidance for various competitive examination

  • The  Department has organized two days state-level workshop on “Application of Computer-Aided System to Mathematics Teaching” sponsored by UGC and also organized a seminar jointly with Vijnan Bharati on ” Journey of Mathematics in India” to celebrate the 125th Birth Anniversary of great Mathematician Shri. Shrinivas  Ramanujan in the National year of Mathematics. Mathematics Department organizes MATHSPIRE exhibitions and events based on Mathematical knowledge during UTSAV.

  • One of our students Ms. Divya Revankar showed exceptionally all-round performance, she stood First in Mathematics in the University examination and overall the seventh rank at University. Also, she won Bronze Medal in Karate at South Asian Games. Every year our students attend MTTS and mini MTTS programs conducted by the National Board of Higher Mathematics. One of our students Ms. Divya Nadar won second prize at state level seminar competition based on Mathematical concepts.

  • The College  Library has a number of books on various topics in Mathematics. Every year department purchases books as per the requirement of the syllabus as well as reference books for teachers and students.

  • Department has well equipped Computer Laboratory with software required as per the syllabus and has Mathematics Laboratory. Students of the department have a bright future as they could secure good jobs in   IT companies, Banks, Insurance Companies, Schools, and Colleges.

About the Subject

Faculties of Mathematics department are required to teach two papers in the first year, three papers at second year and four papers at a third-year level covering topics like Calculus, Algebra, Topology, Discrete Mathematics, Complex Analysis and Number Theory in Science Stream while in Commerce Stream we teach Mathematical and Statistical Techniques at the first year.

Mathematics is one of the important subjects for Science as well as Commerce students. It helps students to improve their analytical skills and Quantitative techniques, Many organizations, Institutes, and companies require persons with good mathematical backgrounds.

Our faculties apart from usual teaching encourage students to use library books, different mathematical software also guides students for various competitions such as Madhava Mathematics Competition, Seminar Competition, Quiz Competitions, etc. Every year our students attend MTTS and mini MTTS program conducted by the National Board of Higher Mathematics which helps them to understand their basic concepts.

Applied component subjects i.e. Computer Programming and Systems  Analysis help students to get jobs as well as helps them in the preparation of competitive exams.

Many of our students get opportunities to secure jobs through campus placements in Companies like Wipro, Patani, and Infosys, etc.


Mugdha Kurambhatti

Mugdha Kurambhatti


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Pramodini Sawant

Pramodini Sawant

Associate Professor

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Ms. Anuradha A. Namjoshi

Ms. Anuradha A. Namjoshi

Associate Professor

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Rajiv Pathak

Rajiv Pathak

Assistant Professor

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Dimple Ajay Yadav

Dimple Ajay Yadav

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Karan Ramesh Gargote

Karan Ramesh Gargote

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Courses Available


UGSC1MAT0122 Calculus I 

UGSC1MAT0222 Algebra I


UGSC2MAT0122 Calculus-II 

UGSC2MAT0222 Discrete Mathematics

USMT 301 Calculus-III 

USMT 302 Linear Algebra-I  

USMT 303 Ordinary Differential Equations


USMT 401 Multivariable Calculus-I

USMT 402 Linear Algebra-II 

USMT 403A Numerical methods (Elective A)


USMT 501 Multivariable Calculus-II,

USMT 502 Linear Algebra

USMT 503 Topology of Metric Spaces

USMT5B4 Number Theory and Its applications I (Elective B) USACCS501 Applied Component(Computer Programming and System Analysis)


USMT 601 Basic Complex Analysis

USMT 602 Algebra

USMT 603 Topology of Metric Spaces and Real Analysis 

USMT6B4 Number Theory and Its applications II (Elective B) 

USACCS601 Applied Component (Computer Programming and System Analysis)



Mathematical and Statistical Techniques I



Mathematical and Statistical Techniques II


FYBCom Mathematical and Statistical Techniques Syllabus 22-23

FYBSc Mathematics Syllabus 22-23

SYBSc Mathematics Syllabus 2023-24

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