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The Department of Microbiology was established on 4th August 1981 under the leadership of Smt B S Kudva. The department provides undergraduate degree courses in Microbiology. The current team comprises of Dr. Shilpa Jadhav, Dr. Amita Kocharekar, Ms. Snehal Dabhade, and Dr. Priyanka Naik.

Department provides undergraduate degree courses in Microbiology. In the academic year 2015-16, a fresh new team of teachers was appointed, enriching the department with immense hard work and sincerity under the able guidance of Mrs. Bharati Kudva. The current team compromises Dr. Shilpa Jadhav, Dr. Amita Kocharekar, Ms. Snehal Dabhade, and Dr. Priyanka Naik. Microbiology scholars are trained through subject-related environmental projects, summer training programs, industrial visits, etc apart from academics. Department has started with an event named 'Microfiesta' in 2014 to encourage student's creative ability through scientific model-making competitions.

About the Subject

Microbiology is the study of microorganisms. Bacteria, yeast, fungi, viruses are studied under this subject. Microbiology is a versatile subject whose applications range from Industrial, Pharmaceutical Medical, Genetics, food, and dairy, etc. Research, teaching, medical testing, food testing, quality control, quality this subject. Thus students pursuing the subject get absorbed in areas of Fermentation industries, Vaccine production, Clinical data management, Medical institutes, Agriculture and Research institutes Biotechnology, and pharma industries. 


2022-2023 SYLLABUS FOR F. Y. B. Sc. (MICROBIOLOGY)  [Will be updated soon as per NEP 2020]


Dr. Shilpa Jadhav

Dr. Shilpa Jadhav

Assistant Professor & Head

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Dr. Amita Kocharekar

Dr. Amita Kocharekar

Assistant Professor

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Ms. Snehal Dabhade

Ms. Snehal Dabhade

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Priyanka Naik

Dr. Priyanka Naik

Assistant Professor

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28th April 2023 Induction/Term end meeting
4th March 2023 Startup Expo 2023
28th February 2023 Hands-on training and lecture series by National Facility for Biopharmaceuticals on National Science Day
28th February 2023 Inter-Institutional Research Conclave 2023
13th February 2023 Hands-on training on "Molecular Biology Techniques"
4th February 2023 Workshop on Bioinformatics
02nd February 2023 Hands-on Training on Determination of Aflatoxins in Millets by UPLC
29th January 2023 Science Research Contest - Marathi Vidnyan Parishad
25th January 2023 Best Student Award 2022-23
07th January 2023 Industrial visit to National Facility for Biopharmaceuticals
05th January 2023 Microfiesta - NutriShiksha
02nd December 2022 National pollution prevention day
1st December 2022 ACTREC visit
19th-23rd November 2022 Five Days Internship Program at Green Vital Biotech, Bhor, Pune
17th September 2022 Model exhibition on International Microorganism Day 
12th July 2022 Yuva Netrutva Vikas Shibir, Kanyakumari 2022-23
17th -19th March 2022 Workshop on Bioinformatics
28th August 2021 National level intercollegiate online poster competition & Guest lecture on creating awareness about Covid - 19
27th July 2021 Virtual Workshop on “Mushroom Cultivation and Bioenterpreneurship”