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The Department of N.C.C. Studies was established in 2014 in affiliation to University of Mumbai. Department offers subject of NCC studies to First and Second Year of B.A./B.Com./B.Sc.. 
Following are the officers / faculties teaching the said subject. 
Lt. Richa Joshi- Girls unit ( 2014- 2016) 
Lt. Gaurang Rajwadkar , HOD (2014 - till date) 
Lt Kasturi Medhekar (2017 - till date)

National Cadet Corps (NCC) provides a platform for individual upliftment through the process of channelizing the energy of the youth in constructive pursuits. It also helps the youth to realize the intimate relationship between man and the community. It is an important initiative taken by Ministry of HRD/Ministry of Defense and UGC to introduce NCC as an elective subject at UG level from academic year 2013-14. Our College decided to start NCC as one of the elective courset at UG level from the academic year 2014-15. This interdiciplinary Elective Course is introduced for B.A/B.COM/B.SC. as a credit basis semester pattern course namely: NCC STUDIES (Theory and practical papers).  It is implemented for three years degree course apart from the :B” AND “C” CERTIFICATE examination conducted by NCC Organisation.  The NCC department provides several opportunities to the students. It encourages students to participate & organise in various activities throughout the year. To give leadership role in drill practice as parade commonder. Gives chance to show demo in practical work like YOGO,P.T., MAP READING etc. Encourages students for attending various prestigious National and International camps and parades like- Republic Day Parade, Thal Sainik Camp, All India Trekking Camp, National Integration Camp, Combined Annual Training Camp/Annual Training Camp, Advance Leadership Camp, Chief Minister Rally. Initiates to assist in organizing Blood Donation Camp, Disaster Relief Camp etc. Motivates to pursue for preparation of competitive examination and S.S.B. interview, to enhance their employability. Provides practical knowledge of drill& Drill with Arms. Practical knowledge about weapons Practical involvement in social service activities The student gets practical knowledge about fire fighting measures,disaster management.

Advantages of the Course :

1) Enhancement of skill and patriotic values among youth.
2) Empowerment of youth and overall personality development.
3) Employability in defense, paramilitary forces and other services.
4) Attainment of qualities of good citizenship and ideals of selfless services.

About the Subject

  • The introduction of  ‘NCC Studies’ as an optional subject for the Foundation Course was started because apart from NCC regular Training syllabus, it has social relevance in the Indian milieu and has emphasized the overall development of personality.
  • Subject's syllabus includes:-National Integration, Drill, adventure training, environmental awareness, personality development, leadership, and weapon training. Beneficiary the point to be noted here is that all the students will get an opportunity to select credits of their own choice thus making a humble beginning of the ‘choice-based credit system’ in its true sense the facility of ‘credit transfer’.
  • Also to reinforce the aims, motto, vision & mission of the NCC through the academic curriculum.
  • To instill and inculcate the core values of patriotism, commitment, just and impartial exercise of authority, effective contribution to community development and other social programs, healthy lifestyle practices, habits of restraint & self-awareness & empathy to the needs of socially disadvantaged fellow citizens and above all enduring respect for knowledge, wisdom & power of ideas among the youth.
  • To train the students, to be graduates with all-round development, apart from their own subject, can successfully compete in other fields of career such as defense forces & civil services.
  • The Department also allows students to join open NCC units like the navy and airforce, also gives guidance to ex-NCC cadets to join civil defense basic training sessions and disaster management skill training programs by various associations.

F.Y.B.A./ -NCC Studies I & NCC studies II 2022-23
S.Y.B.A./ B.Com/ B.Sc. - NCC Studies III & NCC Studies IV 2023-24


Gaurang Rajwadkar

Gaurang Rajwadkar

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Smt. Kasturi Medhekar

Smt. Kasturi Medhekar


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