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  • The Department of Philosophy was established on 20th June 1959. Evidently then, the department is one of the oldest and first among other departments that were established during the inception of Parle Tilak Vidyalaya association’s then Parle college. During its infant years, it was headed and taken to a height by its first Head of department Prof. Kelshikar (1959-1979). Prof Kelshikar was succeeded by Prof. Poornima Dave (1979-2006) and then Prof. Sunita Jeswani ( 2006- to 2017). Presently the department is headed by Associate Professor Dr. Gautam Tenkale and his colleague Assistant Professor Ms. Sampada Sawant.
  • For almost the past 60 years, the department has been continuously and vigorously upholding the meaning of its subject “love for wisdom” and has been inculcating the same in its students. With its interdisciplinary approaches to teaching Philosophy, great scope for debates, discussions, investigation of reality, critical thinking, has become the highlight of this department. 

  • The department has been regularly participating in the college festival Utsav and holding out exhibitions of philosophical thoughts and ideas and philosophical games and dilemmas. It has organized field visits to and seminars and workshops for polishing students' argumentation and critical thinking skills. 
    The Department of Philosophy has a unique style of teaching through films enabling students to learn and think differently. For this purpose, it has also organized activities like essay writing, elocution on current topics like- Ethics of social distancing during a pandemic, Justice delayed is justice denied, and topics related to morality and practical ethics. The interactive sessions during lectures include discussions on ethical dilemmas, rationality, living ethical issues like euthanasia, censorship, surrogacy etc, animated short films, that help students to learn methods of argumentation, correct thinking skills. The department has been carrying out career guidance sessions and philosophical counseling for students.
    The department has its own library of books required for the syllabus and other reading material for student’s interests. It is a host to a Certificate course in Yoga for beginners and believes in teaching Yoga philosophy along with the practice of Yoga. The department also has an add-on course in “Professional ethics” for young professionals besides the one’s choosing among them all business, corporate management, medicine, law, journalism, advertising, IT etc to improve the cognitive skills (skills of the intellect in thinking clearly), create moral awareness (proficiency in recognizing moral problems in the respective profession), develop moral reasoning (comprehending, assessing different views) and moral coherence (forming consistent viewpoints based on facts) for full-fledged moral benefits of one’s professional as well as personal life.
    Recently the Department of Philosophy also conducted a workshop for non-teaching staff of the college on the theme: “Ethics at the workplace” and it was very well received.

About the Subject


The word philosophy comes from the word “philosophia” literally meaning love for wisdom. Philosophy is the systematic and critical study of fundamental questions that arise both in everyday life and through other disciplines. It is in this way that philosophy is part of the process of human growth and an essential part of the process of education

Philosophy helps us to enhance our ability to solve problems, our communication skills, our persuasive powers, and our writing skills. It is the foundation of critical thinking. It helps to develop skills of rigorous analysis, sound argument, and critical examination. It is a building block to our ability to reason, understand knowledge and speculate. 

The argument-focussed and heavy discussion-based nature of philosophy makes students well suited for research and public speaking. It develops accurate interpretation skills, logical and critical reasoning, helps in staying focused on the issues at hand, and achieves clarity of expression.


Philosophy is largely interdisciplinary and includes the study of other disciplines like History, Law, Psychology, Science, Literature, Education, Gender studies, Cultural Studies, etc. Therefore Philosophy is rightly called the ‘Mother of all Sciences’.

Due to such vast scope of philosophy students become eligible for various career opportunities like:  


  • Teaching (College level, School level, and IB board level)
  • Academic Research
  • Competitive exams
  • Law
  • Journalism
  • Film critic and film journalism
  • Creative writing and content writing
  • Business entrepreneurship
  • HR/ PR specialists
  • Yoga trainers and Therapist
  • NGOs
  • Healthcare Management/Hospitality
  • Political and social activism


Dr. Gautam Tenkale

Dr. Gautam Tenkale

Associate Professor & HOD / IQAC Coordinator

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Ms. Sampada V. Chawan

Ms. Sampada V. Chawan

Assistant Professor

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Courses Available

course Details
[Will be updated soon as per NEP 2020] 

Sem 3

II Social Philosophy
III Indian Philosophy


Sem 4

II Political Philosophy
III Western Philosophy


Sem 5 and Sem 6

4 Classical Indian philosophy / Western Philosophy (Advanced)

5 Philosophy of Religion

6 Living Ethical Issues

7 Philosophy of Dhammapada

8 Formal Logic

9 Philosophy of Yoga



Add-on Courses 

1. Professional Ethics

2. Film & Philosophy

FYBA Philosophy Paper I [Will be updated soon as per NEP 2020] 

SYBA Philosophy Paper II & III

WDC and Dept OF Philosophy.

WDC and Dept OF Philosophy.

  1. Activity Name: ‘Let’s Talk 2020-21’
  2. Student’s activity 2021-22 ‘Discussion Meet’

‘Debate Competition
  1. ‘Department of Philosophy and The Extension Committee of Government Law College awareness program Right to Privacy’’.
On the 30th of November 2021,

philosophy Festival Report 2022-23.
National conference 2022-23 report
Study tour to Silvassa  22-23
Corporate workshop  2022-23

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