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This department is the largest Arts faculty Department of the College. 

Distinctive Features & Achievements

  • Department of Political Science with three papers was established in 1971.

  • Department was upgraded to the full-fledged department with 6 papers major in 1990. Department is the largest Arts faculty Department of the College. 

  • Adequate and competent faculty.

  • The library facility is quite good.

  • The Department offers compulsory subjects like Indian Political System, Public Administration, Political Process in Maharashtra, Political Thought and International Relations. It offers optional subjects like American Political System, Urban and Rural Local Government and Learning Politics through Films. These are popular career-oriented subjects that help students in preparing for competitive exams like civil services and careers in various fields like law, media, journalism, etc.

  • The teacher-student relationship is excellent. Participatory interactive culture of the Department. The Department provides continuous guidance to students in developing creative and analytical abilities and employability skills. In furtherance of that objective, it conducts guest lectures, career guidance lectures, alumni interactions, events like exhibitions, field visits, Legislative assembly visits etc.

  • The Department pursues the active involvement of students in classrooms through various student-centric teaching-learning techniques.

  • Students of the Department are actively involved in all the co-curricular and extracurricular activities of the College.

  • Students of the Department have continuously been awarded the various titles of The Best Student, The Best Arts Student, as well as The Best Sports Student, Award for outstanding contribution towards women empowerment in the last 7 years.

  • Students have won many prizes in intercollegiate elocution and debate competitions in the last 7 years.

  • The result of the Department is quite good. In the history of the Department, five times students have secured University ranking.
    Babita Bargade        1995      1st rank     71%
    Prachee Phadke       1996      2nd rank    70%
    Minal Mhapuskar      1998      2nd rank    68%
    Kumkum Mishra       2002      2nd rank    70%
    Tejasi Bhadari          2013      3rd rank    71%

  • The students of the Department have successfully cleared competitive exams like MPSC and also pursuing careers in law and teaching professions, in media, journalism and entertainment industry, in the field of social work and even active politics.

  • Harshala Kawale, a student of the Department has successfully cleared MPSC exam in 2015 and presently posted as 2nd Joint Civil Judge, Junior Division and Judicial Magistrate first class at Vadgaon Maval, Pune.

  • Laaghavi Sawant, another student of the Department presently working as a News Anchor on TV 9 Marathi News Channel.

  • Akshit Shinde, a student of the Department successfully completed the prestigious Elected Representatives Fellowship of Praja Foundation in 2018-2019.
  • Prof. Ketan Bhosale, faculty of the Department was selected to participate in the team of scholars to study 'American Politics and American Political Thought' by the U.S Government from 22nd June to 4th August 2017 in the University of Massachusetts.

  • Political Thought' by the U.S Government from 22nd June to 4th August 2017 in the University of Massachusetts.
    Akshit Shinde, a student of the Department successfully completed the prestigious Elected Representatives Fellowship of Praja Foundation in 2018-2019.

  • Yashashree Rane and Pravin Zore, two students of the Department have successfully completed the prestigious Elected Representatives Fellowship of Praja Foundation in 2019-2020.

  • Bhakti Anerao, a student of the Department successfully completed the prestigious Indian Political Action Committee Fellowship in 2019-2020.

  • Snehal Jangam, a student of the Department successfully completed Observer Research Foundation (ORF) Fellowship in 2019-2020.

  • Snehal Jangam was also awarded 2nd prize in prestigious ‘Speak for India’ - Maharashtra Edition, India’s largest intercollegiate state-level debate competition organized by the Federal Bank in 2019-2020.

  • Shenal Jangam also secured 2nd runner-up position in JackPot Round of 51st youth festival organized by the Mumbai University in 2019-2020.

  • For 3 consecutive years, students of the Department have won the Best Student Awards of the College.
    Urvi Abhyankar Best Arts student for 2017-2018.
    Tanwee Amberkar Best Arts student for 2018-2019.
    Snehal Jangam overall Best student of the College for 2019-2020.

  • The Department also secured 3rd prize for best ‘eco-friendly exhibit’ during Utsav 2019-2020 annual exhibition event organized by the Sathaye College. Received Trophy and Certificate.

  • Praja Foundation interns Yashashree Rane and Pravin Zore were appreciated by Deputy Mayor of Mumbai Shri Suhas Wadkar for contributing in social work during Covid-19 pandemic related to the distribution of food kits to needy people during Mumbai Lockdown in April 2020 as well as in carrying out Research Activity such as survey and data collection conducted by the Praja Foundation which is a leading NGO working in the area of Urban Governance in the city of Mumbai.      

  • About the Subject

  • Political Science is a dynamic career-oriented subject.

  • It includes the study of the Indian constitution, rights of the citizens, democracy and structure of the government, a study of Indian political system, a study of local governments, study of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the government etc.

  • It also includes the study of the world constitutions and comparative governments, foreign policies, diplomacy, and international relations.

  • It is a medium that helps students to connect to the world around them. 

  • Its study ranges from local to global affairs

  • It teaches students to be responsible citizens.

  • It equips students to take up careers in administration, the legal profession, journalism and mass media, and social work.

  • It is a very popular optional subject amongst civil services aspirants. 

  • Any student of Political Science with a consistently good academic record, regular attendance at lectures, sincere hard work and effort in term papers, projects and academic assignments, and above all a genuine commitment to the key contemporary issues of the subject, is a sure candidate for a first class at the BA degree such a student qualifies for the following career options
    Media related careers (with or without a Diploma in Journalism)
    Television: Journalists, Reporters, Sub-editors, Anchorpersons, Analysts, Forecasters, Specialists, Poll Analysts
    Print media: Reporters, Sub-editors, Writers, Reviewers, Syndicated Columnists, Freelance Journalists, Critics
    Academic careers (with a Masters Degree in Political Science or related fields like International Relations, International Economics)
    Teachers: In Junior College
    Lecturers: In Senior College

  • Researchers, Subject Experts, Investigators, Data collectors in Government Institutions like the All India Institute of Local Self Government, OR in foundations such as the Ford Foundation, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, or in Think Tanks and Advisory Bodies such as the Center for Policy Research, American Enterprise Institute

  • Consultants, Analysts, Researchers, Social workers, Social Political Activists, propagandists, public relation officer with Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies such as Amnesty International, AGNI, and United Nations and its related organizations.

  • Government Careers
    UPSC : Join the IAS/IFS/IPS after passing qualifying exams.
    State Public Service Commissions after passing qualifying exams
    Grade I officer level through the Banking Services Recruitment Board


Beena Khanolkar

Beena Khanolkar


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Mr. Ketan Bhosale

Mr. Ketan Bhosale

Assistant Professor

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Courses Available

Course Details
  • Paper 1 - Indian Political System  
  • Paper 2 - Political Theory
  • Paper 3 - Public Administration
  • Paper 4 - International Relations
  • Paper 5 - Political Thought
  • Paper 6 - Political process in Maharashtra
  • Paper 7 - Learning Politics Through Films
  • Paper 8 - American Political System
  • Paper 9 - Local Self Government  

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