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The Department of Psychology has been in Sathaye College since the early days of the college. The psychology department currently offers psychology at FYBA and SYBA levels. Psychology faculty often uses innovative teaching methods, such as film analysis, exhibitions on themes such as forensic psychology, handwriting analysis, brain games, and so on. There are field visits organized for students to NGOs that offer psychological services. There are discussions in the classroom on a regular basis on current topics and their psychological relevance. Students are regularly encouraged to do research in psychology and present and publish papers.      

About the Subject

Psychology is one of the most interesting and sought-after subjects in today's times owing to its increasing importance and awareness among people. Psychology offered at the undergraduate level gives the naive mind a new perspective to look at human phenomena. Psychology I, offered at FYBA, gives a basic and fun-filled overview of what the field studies. At the SYBA level, Psychology II and Psychology III are taught.  Psychology II is Social Psychology, which demystifies human functioning in society in a scientific manner. Psychology III would take students through a psychological and biological journey from conception to childhood.

Psychology is one of those subjects which could be deeply satisfying to study as well as challenging to learn, on the road to the scientific inquiry of human behavior.


Ms. Anuja Pingale

Ms. Anuja Pingale

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Courses Available

Course Details
Fundamentals of Psychology - I

Fundamentals of Psychology - I
Social Psychology: Part I
Developmental Psychology. A focus on Adolescent and Adult Development: Part I

Social Psychology: Part II
Developmental Psychology. A focus on Adolescent and Adult Development: Part II

Add-on Course

Course Name : "Exploring mind through Dance and Movement"


FYBA Psychology Syllabus
SYBA Psychology syllabus

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