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The Department of Sociology was started in Sathaye (Parle) College in 1990. Only recently, i.e., in August 2015, it celebrated its completion of 25 years. The function was presided over by Dr. Prahlad Jogdand, Dean of the Arts Faculty, University of Mumbai, and was chaired by Shri Bansidhar Dhurandhar, Trustee of Parle Tilak Vidyala Association (PTVA).

Even though the subject is offered only at FYBA and SYBA levels, it has alumni of journalists (both print and television), Central government officers, lawyers, etc. who have done the Department proud.

The Department of Sociology holds "Welcome Parties" for students of FYBA, the new entrants of the Department. These parties are hosted by students of SYBA and TYBA, who also introduce the subject to the newcomers. The parties help build a rapport with the teacher as well, so class interaction thereafter becomes more fruitful.

About the Subject

The subject of Sociology is not only vast but is also multi-disciplinary. It includes the past, present, and future of society as its subject matter. Hence, students are enriched with knowledge about day-to-day happenings in their immediate surroundings, in the country, and in the world. 

Sociology helps bring about a sensitivity to all sections of society, especially to the weaker sections -- be they the drought-affected peasants, bonded laborers,  the subjugated castes, women, and the third gender, the differently-abled.

Sociology includes not only human life but plays a vital role in the study of the environment, which is crucial today given the impact of Climate Change worldwide.

Sociology prepares students for Social Research, Media Studies, Policy-making, Social Work, Cultural and Anthropological Studies, and as agents of Social Change.


Ms. Girija Gupte

Ms. Girija Gupte


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