About Department

Education and research are complementary to each other. Research-oriented teaching-learning helps higher education institutes achieve global competency. Research keeps teachers updated and makes teaching more interesting to students. It fosters application-oriented studies in students.

In view of this, the research committee has introduced two programmes to nurture the research environment in our college. The first is "The Fledgling Researchers’ Programme," where students will explore their new research ideas under the guidance of their research advisors. Surely, this programme will engender the next generation of researchers.

"The Reminiscences of a Research Journey" is the second programme. The senior faculty members share experiences and difficulties faced during their research journey. This encourages young teachers to conduct research and forecast potential future problems.

To facilitate the research environment, this year the college started the central research and instrumentation laboratory. It provides major basic instruments used in scientific research and different advanced software for research in languages, commerce, and the humanities.

Of 64 permanent faculty members, one has a D.Litt, 27 have PhD degrees, and eight are pursuing the doctoral programme. A total of 222 research papers have been published in national and international journals. 65 books and 9 chapters have been published in the last five years. The college has received a research grant of Rs. 40, 46,970 and 15 research projects have been completed by the faculty members.