Botanical Excursion to Maharashtra Nature Park

If Sanjay Gandhi National Park is the heart of Mumbai, Aarey are the lungs then Maharashtra Nature Park (MNP) is well qualified to be the nostrils of the city. Situated right next to Dharavi– largest slums in Asia, is a 37-acre nature park which is home to 200 species of trees, 580 species plants and 80 species of birds. Butterflies are one of the major attractions here and are easily spotted. One can find as many as 38 different types of butterflies. The Maharashtra Nature Park, once known as the Mahim Nature Park, is an amazing case of ‘from rags to riches’, only that we mean it in the most environmental sense. The 37-acre land was once one of Mumbai’s biggest dumping grounds located on the banks of the Mithi river. In 1994, due to many years’ efforts, this vast and sprawling space was turned into a gorgeous forest park with a large eco-system, and a blanket of over 12,000 trees in it!  We have visited Maharashtra Nature Park (MNP) with T.Y.B.Sc. and M.Sc. students.


Date: 05 March 2010