Colloquium VISIRE’22

The word Colloquium means ‘a place where experts gather and speak on their subject of expertise. This was exactly the thought process behind conducting the ‘Colloquium 2022 Visire’. It is the need of the hour to tackle the virality of a concept and stop the spread of wrong information, soby coming up with something like this, the intent was to clear all the doubts around the upcoming future and straight-line everyone’s vision towards it, which was also the theme this year, for which we coined the term VISIRE (Vision + Future).

Topic 1


Speaker Mr. Varun Patra started the seminar with a brief introductory video about his company HOMEGROWN and how Metaverse is been used in itwith live examples from his business and let everyone know the idea behind the whole concept of metaverse.

Moving to the next dimension of Metaverse, Mr. Varun Patrathen discussed about the decentralisation and democratization of content creation in metaverse and how data safety plays a very important role in such times.

The elephant in the room which is unemployment was addressed when Job opportunities in metaverse were discussed and how metaverse is going to change the job market was looked in.

“Black mirror” a show based on metaverse was mentioned in the conversation as shows are something that interests the youth. later changes that the metaverse will bring were discussed be it positive or negative. Things that are currently missing in the metaverse were discussed and the speaker concluded by speaking about Indian’s and the metaverse.

Topic 2


Speaker Jay Desai stared the topic by briefing about Cryptocurrency, bitcoin and then started the main topic NFT,

What exactly is NFT? Was the question of every other individual who was present at the seminar, so the history, features of NFT were discussed alongside Why and How are the NFT’s valued.

Speaking of a new and a viral concept, speaker discussed about NFT been,just a fad or the future of digital assets and also provided, guidance on how to buy and sell NFTs and how the monetization works with a curated list of Do’s and Don’ts.

Legal aspects and taxation related to NFTs were mentioned and the speaker, made a live NFT of our very own Colloquium logo to demonstrate students on how an NFT is made and last but not the least, the speaker concluded the session with stating the positives and the dangers of NFT as an investment.

Topic 3

Motivation in the VUCA world

Colloquium 2022 contained a great blend of experience and young mindset whichMr. Vivek Atray, ex IAS officer could identify and could address the crowd byde coding the word ‘VUCA’ for everyone and shared his words of wisdom on the current situation and spoke about uncertainty in the recent world and how to florish/survive in the VUCA world was mentioned with examples of great leadership. The crucial portion of the speech was when the speaker elaborated on the current mental handling as the times are tough and how to keep yourself away from confusions which is one of the problems students always face and how to look and accept your future gracefully.

Students took back a lot more than just a few proud speeches , they took back inspiration and the never let go spirit, which is what drives excellent people towards excellence .