Guest Lecture: Statistics Department

Smt. Poonam Kadam welcomed guest speaker Shri. Sachin Borghare, all the teachers and student participants.

Dian Almeida, a student of TYBSC Statistics, introduced the guest speaker Shri. Sachin Borghare, Manager, FCB Ulka, Mumbai.

Throughout his presentations, Shri. Sachin Borghare highlighted the importance of Statistics in the field of advertising. Started with the discussion on the factors that drives sales, 5P’s (PRODUCT, PLACE, PRICE, PROMOTION, PEOPLE), target specific communication adds, evaluating advertising spends, correspondence analysis, celebrity endorsement fit framework, effectiveness of newspaper adds, ad creative testing, etc. He explained few case studies like-Edible oil and hair oil, selection of celebrity for ad, etc. After that the doubts of the students were cleared by him. Students enjoyed the session. Great learning to the students.

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