Collection of Books

Library - Collection


The collection of the library includes – books in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Sanskrit, German, French, Ardhamagadhi and Pali.
The collection includes:

  • Books and their Catalogues.
  • Mathematical Olympiad Books
  • Career Guidance and Competitive Examination Books
  • Rare Books Collection
  • Back Volumes of Indian Academic Journals
  • Back runs of newspapers (about six months).
  • Popular Magazines and Literary Diwali Magazines
  • Few Dissertations and theses. ( Ph.D. Thesis )
  • Annual reports of Government Agencies and Research Institutes.
  • CD-ROM, DVD Collection for spot reference
  • Award-winning Films of NFDC

Services & Activities

Reading and Lending Services:

  • Reading Hall facilities for 11 hours daily.
  • Photocopying services.
  • Book Exhibition and Granthvedh
  • Vachan Prerana Diwas
  • Marathi Bhasha Pandharawadha

Reference Services:

  • Preparation for bibliographies and reading lists of the required subject.
  • Fact-finding and literature search.
  • Guidance for searching the information from the internet.

Electronic Services:

  • OPAC
  • CDs and DVDs of reference materials, learning resources.
  • N-list service for electronic journals and electronic books

Book Bank Facility:

  • Book Bank Facility for economically deprived students whose annual income is below Rs. 50,000/-.

Mathematical Olympiad:

  • The students who are aspiring for appearing for the examinations of the Olympiad in Mathematics are guided for reading materials.

Career Guidance:

  • The library receives various pamphlets and booklets having information about Career Guidance and Career Building. A separate cupboard has been created to preserve these pamphlets and books. The students are advised to browse through pamphlets, internet sites, books etc. for getting a clear perspective about a particular career.

Competitive Exams:

  • Guidance for Entrance Examination and Competitive Examinations is provided.

Rare Books Collection:

  • The library has identified few rare books in its collection. These books are valuable as per their content. A select list is available with the library.