Library - Borrowing Rights

Library - Borrowing Rights

Membership (Teacher Members)

Membership is open to –

  • All the permanent teachers from the college can avail the facility of the library free of cost. They are enrolled as Teacher Members of the library; they are entitled to a library account with a maximum of five books, two periodicals, one CD/DVD.
  • The teachers joining the college on a contract basis and CHB basis should contribute to library resources by paying a library deposit of Rs. 500/- only. No library fee is charged to them separately.
  • Teacher members are advised to check the book(s) for any missing pages while borrowing them.
  • Loss of books must be reported immediately.
  • Since no due date is mentioned for the teacher members they are requested to return the books within 3 weeks' time. If books are not in demand, they may be renewed for additional three weeks. There are others who might need to refer to these books.
  • If the book desired is not on the shelf, a claim may be submitted at the Circulation Desk.
  • In case of loss of library ticket a duplicate ticket is issued on payment of Rs. 10/- after verifying that no dues are pending on that ticket.
  • Borrowing privileges will be suspended until payment is received.
  • Members are requested to notify the library immediately of any change in address.


  • Application for I Card and Library Tickets can be collected by presenting the offer letter from the institute.
  • The form duly filled in, together with one I Card size photograph and proof of residence is to be submitted at the General Issuing Counter of the library. Form, incomplete in any respect will not be accepted.
  • Library Tickets and Identity Card are issued within two to three working days after the submission of the completed form.

Membership (Student Members)

Sathaye College students can avail of membership after admission to the college. Students must produce their current year I Card whenever asked for. The members are provided with one Library Ticket for issuing Textbooks and Reference Books and one Reading Club Card for Leisure Reading. No extra fees are charged for this kind of membership. The members are expected to present these tickets while borrowing the books from the library. Patrons who wish to use the library for special purposes namely Competitive Exam. Preparation, Career Guidance, borrowing CD ROMs from the library can make use of Special Reading Club Card after paying fees of Rs. 250/- a year and caution money Rs. 500/-. These members are also provided with a facility for internet surfing under UGC NRC.
The library is also open for Ex-Staff Members and Ex-Students by way of the Special Reading Club Card. The Annual Fees for such Patrons is Rs. 250/- and Caution Money Rs. 500/-. Patrons who wish to use the library for a short period for Reading purposes may make use of its services free of cost except for borrowing privileges and internet facility.

Borrowing Rights:

  • Select useful instructions are printed on the rear side of the Library Identity Card, for your ready reference.
  • Books should be borrowed against Library Tickets and Reading Club Card by the students and staff members.
  • Ex-students and Ex-staff Members are offered with Reading Club Membership on payment of relevant charges as mentioned on the application form.
  • “The Special Privilege Cards” for reading are available to the Bonafide Students of this college as per the recommendations by Departmental Teachers and scrutiny of the Reading Room Statistics in the library.
  • The journals and magazines are issued to students in the Reading Hall for spot reading only. They should not lend the magazines and journals out of the library (except paid memberships vide Special Reading Club Card).
  • Ex-students not having the Reading Club Membership can avail the Reading Room Facility free of cost. They cannot borrow any of the Library Material from the library.
  • Post Graduate Students are offered a set of 5 Library Tickets. The book can be reissued after the due date if there is no claim for it.
  • The Library Department can recall any book in circulation if it is required in the library urgently, before its due date.
  • Sending reminders for the books is not obligatory for the library.
  • No reader should take a book or any material out of the library without having properly issued to him or her.
  • Books drawn on lost cards will continue to be the responsibility of the borrower in whose name the card was issued.
  • For refund of Caution, Money student must submit their set of library tickets.
  • The regular students are requested to retain their library cards till the renewal of the membership next year.
  • Books returned late during the examination period will call for a heavy fine.

Current Reading Section::

  • Reference Books (Encyclopedia, Directory, Handbook, Dictionary, Atlas) shall not be taken out of the library.
  • Books published before the year 1950, books in bad condition. Reference Books, Counter Copies, Periodicals, Thesis, and Dissertations will not be issued in normal conditions to the readers.
  • Every reader using the reference section of the library shall return the book(s) consulted, either to the Librarian or any other staff at the reference counter before leaving the library.
  • The staff of the library will assist the readers in locating the relevant information and/or sources on the said subject of their study and interest.
  • If a reader has not finished reading any book and still wants to continue with the book for the next day he should be allowed for an overnight issue of the said book on producing the relevant demand card at the counter.
  • If a reader wishes to photocopy a certain portion or pages of a book, he should apply for the photocopying facility in the relevant proforma and make the payment for the same at the rate of 50 paise per page.
  • (The library reserves the right to refuse a copying order if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of the Indian Copyright Act, 1957, which governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyright material.)
  • Question paper set and Syllabus files are available on special request for referring in the Reading Hall only.

Cost for Damaged Books or Periodicals:

  • Books written in, underlined, defaced, damaged, or lost by the Readers, must be paid for at a rate determined by the library.
  • If any book or periodical is damaged or lost by the borrower he/she will either replace it with another copy or pay the current cost with the handling charges added to the cost. The copy has to be replaced by way of a new one of the same or later edition.
  • The price of a rare/out-of-print book will be determined by the authorities and it should be paid by the borrower responsible for the damage or loss of the book/periodical.
  • When a single volume from a multi-volume set is lost or damaged the specific price of the whole set will be charged, unless and otherwise the said volume of the setlist can be obtained separately. In this case, the cost of the particular volume alone will be recovered.