Science Laboratory

About Science Laboratory

Laboratories are well equipped with different instruments and chemicals like Spectrophotometer, PH meter, Conductivity meters, Furnace, Centrifuge Machines, Magnetic Stirrers, Potentiometer etc, to keep pace with academic growth. Renovation of Biology, Physics and Chemistry laboratories was carried out.

Department of Chemistry harbors three labs for Graduates and Postgraduate students based on the ground floor.

Departments of Botany (UG & PG), Zoology, and Microbiology have their laboratories based on the first floor. Botany Department has its own Research Laboratory well equipped with Computer and Projector, High-Resolution Binocular Microscope, Electronic Microscope, High-Speed Centrifuge Machines, Sensitive Digital Balance etc. on the same floor.

Department of Physics has 2 Undergraduate laboratories based on the second floor. The laboratories are well equipped with computers, printers, scanners, and an internet facility. There is an exclusive Physics Research laboratory well equipped for carrying out research in Material Science. It has Pallet making Machine, Furnace, Vacuum Pump, Distillation Plant, Gas Sensing Assembly, Conductivity measurement set up, Programmable Digital Multimeter which is interfaced with Computer, Sensitive Digital Balance, refrigerator, required chemicals, and glassware.

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