Dr. Sunil Patil

The faculty is a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Mumbai. He has been working at Sathaye College since 1998 before which he has had an experience of 8 years at M.J.College, Jalgaon. He was transferred to Mumbai, Sathaye College in the year 1998. He has since then proved to be an asset to the Institution. His knowledge in Computer has been great help to the Institution in Developing inhouse Computer programmes and managing specially the computation and declaration of Results of all College Examinations. Over the past 17 years, in spite of the in numerous changes in the Examination pattern, the institution has therefore been able to adhere to the norms of declaring results within 45 days of Examinations. His zeal for academic excellence promoted him to pursue Research and he successfully acquired the Ph.D degree in the year 2015.

Research Papers Presented :

  • Research Papers Presented
    Investigation of free standing polyanaline - polyvinalalcohol composite film for fabrication of room temperature operative ammonia sensor
    Co Author :Dr. Y. V. Gulwadi, Smt. S. A. Pethe, J. B. Bhadane
    Name of Conference :Fifth International Conference on Electroactive Polymers : Material and Devices
    Level :International
    Period :04/11/2012-09/11/2012
    Name of Organizers :Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

    Preparation and Characterization of Conducting PVA/PANI Composites.
    Co Author :Y. V. Gulwadi, D. M. Nerkar, G. G. Padhye
    Name of Conference :RAPT 2011
    Level :International
    Period :01/04/2016-01/04/2016
    Name of Organizers :Department of Physics, North Maharashtra University , Jalgaon

    Polyaniline-BaTiO3 nanocomposite revisited : Synthesis and application to humidity sensing
    Co Author :P P Patil, Sharda Thakur
    Name of Conference :International Symposium on Polymer Science and Technology (MACRO-2015)
    Level :International
    Period :23/01/2015-26/01/2015
    Name of Organizers :Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata

    Synthesis Of Poly(o-Anisidine)-Barium Titanate Nanocomposite and Its Humidity Sensing Performance
    Co Author :Kishor Kolhe , Dewyani Patil , Pradip Patil
    Name of Conference :POLYCHAR-17 World Forum on Advanced Materials Rouen (France)
    Level :International
    Period :20/04/2009-24/04/2009
    Name of Organizers :World Forum on Advanced Materials Rouen (France)

Research Papers Published :

  • Research Papers Published
    Room Temperature Polyaniline-Polyvinylalcohol Composite-based flexible Ammonia Sensor
    Co Author :, S. A. Pethe , J. B. Bhadane , Y. V. Gulwadi
    Name of Publication :Volume 5 Issue 3 March 2016
    Name of Editors :R.M.Deshmukh
    Name of Publisher :International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
    Year of Publication :2016
    ISSN :ISSN (Online): 2319-7064
    Impact Factor :6.39

    Development of Room Temperature Operating NH3 Gas Sensor Based on Free Standing PPy- PVA Composite Films
    Co Author :D. M. Nerkar, S. V. Panse, S. E. Jaware
    Name of Publication :International Journal of Science and Research
    Name of Editors :R. M. Deshmukh
    Name of Publisher :International Journal of Science and Research
    Year of Publication :2016
    ISSN :2319-7064
    Impact Factor :6.39

    Polypyrrole-silver nanocomposite: Synthesis and characterization
    Co Author :D.M. Nerkar, S.V. Panse, S. E. Jaware, G. G. Padhye
    Name of Publication :Sensors & Transducers
    Name of Editors :Sergey Y. Yurish
    Name of Publisher :International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA
    Year of Publication :2016
    ISSN :2306-8515
    Impact Factor :0.98

    Investigation of Free Standing Polyaniline-Polyvinyl Alcohol Composite Films for Fabrication of Room Temperature Operative Ammonia sensor,
    Co Author :Panse S V , Bhadane J B, Pethe S A, Gulwadi Y. V
    Name of Publication :Electroactive Polymers: Materials and Devices
    Name of Editors :S A Hashmi
    Name of Publisher :Allied Publishers Pvt Ltd
    Year of Publication :2015
    ISSN :978-81-8424-960-6