Criterion I
1.4.1 Stakeholders Feedback Report  
1.4.2 Action Taken Report of the Institution

Criterion II
2.2.1 Special Programs
2.3.1 Student Centric Methods
2.3.2 ICT Enabled tools
2.5.3 Examination Reforms Exam Annual Report
2.7.1 Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS)

Criterion III
3.1.1 Policy document Information
3.3.1 Innovation Culture additional Information
3.4.2 Number of PhD Guides
3.4.4 Additional Information for Books and Chapters
3.6.1 NSS NCC activities additional information

Criterion IV
4.1.1 Adequate Infrastructure Physical Facilities ICT Enabled Classroom and Halls
4.3.1 ICT Facility Report
4.4.2 Maintenance of Physical Academic Facilities

Criterion V
5.1.1 A Number of students benefitted by scholarships and freeships provided by the Government
5.1.1 B Number of students benefitted by scholarships and freeships provided by the Government
5.1.3 Capacity development and Skill enhancement activities are organised for improving students capabilities
5.1.4 Number of students benefitted from guidance coaching for competitive examinations and career counselling offered by the institution
5.1.5 The institution adopts the following mechanism for redressal of students’ grievances, including sexual harassment and ragging
5.2.1 Number of outgoing students who got placement
5.2.2 Students progression documents
5.3.2 Presence of an active Student Council and representation of students in academic and administrative bodies  committees of the institution
5.4.1 The Alumni Association and its Chapters (registered and functional) contribute significantly to the development of the institution through financial and other support services 

Criterion VII
7.2 Best Practices


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